Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On education.

Sharing thoughts in response to a friend curious about feedback on a facebook post pitching free college education to the US society with the example of how it works beautifully in Germany, and following other comments..:

I love the idea and, too, imagine it involves a shift in values and societal structure for more than just educational system, and that it involves a cultural shift.. yet, also knowing that you can have free education and have many things wrong with it, or with a way society functions and what young adults do with education, or what and how is instructed for free, I am curious to see more of this spread..
.. and this is coming from the US..'

I am curious to see people learn 'maps', or better ways of making 'maps', inventing new ways of how to.. - in an integrating compassionate way. Rather than sided agendas. Ways of making sense. Can we trust such minds to figure for themselves what works best in ways of serving all participating in educational process within a time and a cultural context...

Also, to mind that colleges can be vulnerable to become fragmented or in a bubble of their disciplines and communities, training persons into mindsets that perpetuate more complex smarter issue vs. well-being, e.g. a vivid testimony and just another great talk: addition to all the potential for elegant solutions as a result of connections among academics and fields.

One elegant map and practice, intended to support integration, is openly shared and published.